Schwanheimer UV curable Adhesive 20g

Schwanheimer UV Curable Adhesive 20g
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  • 19-UV35120E
Characteristics: Suitable for all heavily impacted bonding of glass / acrylic on glass,... mehr
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Characteristics: Suitable for all heavily impacted bonding of glass / acrylic on glass, glass / acrylic to metal etc. Schwanheimer’s new generation of UV curing adhesives is based on the Acrylic technology. The optimal wave length is at 395 nm. Purposely we go in between the UVA and visible light section. On the one side this allows the light to shine through transparent but UV light absorbing plastics. On the other side the shelf life of the adhesive is not critical.  

The bonded joints are extensively waterproof, temperature (-30 / +120°C), humidity and chemical resistant.


Application: The accurately fitting surfaces of the parts you want to join must be dry and free from rust, grease, dust and other adhesives (we recommend to clean the surfaces before the application with ACETONE or our Spraycleaner!). Apply the adhesive sparingly on one of the surfaces. The UV adhesive is completely harden (min. 5 minutes) by UV light! Schwanheimer UV adhesive cure really effective with our UV-flash light (depending on the surface up to 1 minute).
For the series production we offer fully automated spot and flood lamps. More information on request.


Shelf life: At least 12 months; should be stored in a dark place.


Our Schwanheimer UV Adhesive is available in 20g. Informations about other sizes, data sheet and pricelists with graduation (graduated prices from 6 pieces per product) on request.


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