Schwanheimer Industrial Adhesive RE/HT black 20g

Schwanheimer Industrial Adhesive RE/HT black 20g
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Characteristics: Color: Black, single-component , high viscosity, suitable for... mehr
Produktinformationen "Schwanheimer Industrial Adhesive RE/HT black 20g"

Characteristics: Color: Black, single-component, high viscosity, suitable for dynamic-and temperature-stressed bonds, for materials of different expansion due to the high impact resistance for various rubber materials, plastics and metal with plastic connections flexible, slower and elastic hardening, longer corrigibility due to the higher viscosity.

Temperature resistance: -55 / + 140 ° C

Application: The accurately fitting surfaces of the parts you want to join must be dry and free from rust, grease, dust and other adhesives (we recommend to clean the surfaces before the application with ACETONE or one of our cleaners!). Apply the adhesive sparingly in dots or lines on one of the surfaces. The adhesion is initiated by strong pressing the parts together (contact pressure/deoxygenation). Without pressure the parts can be moved for a few seconds. Do not move or stress the parts for some minutes. The final strength depends on the material. It is recommended to test the bonding before use.

Advice: Very high final strength in combination with our Primer Plus in case of PP, PE and PTFE bondings.

Opening, dosing and storageCut the bottle tip at the notch. For storage, reseale the dispensing tip with candle wax or a new bottle tip. Protect the adhesives from direct sunlight or heat radiation.

Shelf life: At least 9 months; but can be extended if kept in a cool place (refrigerator).

Our Schwanheimer Industrial Adhesives are available in different sizes: 10g, 20g, 50g, 0,5kg and 1kg. Informations about other sizes, data sheet and pricelists with graduation (graduated prices from 6 pieces per product) on request.


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